Drugs Alcohol Rehabilitation Services

Drugs and Alcohol Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is a process where individuals finds the root cause of their addiction and related behaviours and develop the coping mechanism to live a healthy life.

The Rehabilitation procedure in Prapti Welfare Society is based on therapeutic and 12 step spiritual recovery model. Addiction is complex but treatable disease that may affects brain function and behaviour pattern of individual.

At the beginning of Rehabilitation, Patient usually go through the Denial stage. Our first step is to motivate the individual to stay clean and healthy through proper counseling and education.

Detoxification Rehabilitation
Detoxification Rehabilitation

Our Counsellors speak to the individuals regularly and address those issues which are root cause of their addiction and help them treat it. So they can move on with their lives without going back to drugs, alcohol, or their addictive behaviour.

Patient attends the recovery oriented sessions on daily basis:

Different Therapies used in our Rehabilitation Program: