Drugs Alcohol Rehabilitation Services

Family Support and Counseling

Addiction affects the entire family. At Prapti Welfare Society, we treat both the individual suffering from addiction and the loved ones whose lives have been profoundly impacted by the disease. We believe that education and support empower families to improve their own quality of life while also enhancing the chances for successful recovery for the person with addiction.

Problems with alcohol and other drugs affect people from all walks of life and family situations, including parents with children. In families where alcohol or other drugs are being misused, behaviour is frequently unpredictable and chaotic, emotions range from loving to withdrawn, and communication is unclear or conflicting.

In reality, it is not the family's fault for the choices each individual makes. As humans we all make choices everyday. Whether they are good or bad, Unfortunately, many times, drug and alcohol abusers will search for excuses and scapegoats for their "addictions". They look to blame their behavior on everyone and everything without taking responsibility for their actions.

Our Family Support Programs Include: