Drugs Alcohol Rehabilitation Services


Once the patient is admitted, treatment plan is made depending on the symptoms of addiction of individual. Treatment plan is continually reviewed and modified to meet changing needs and circumstances of the patient. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to treatment. Different treatments and facilities work more effectively for different people. Effective treatment should holistically address all areas of patients life — not just substance abuse or addiction.

Detoxification Rehabilitation
Detoxification Rehabilitation

Patient must commit enough time in treatment in order to effectively overcome from addiction.

We are committed to provide the highest quality, affordable and cost effective treatment with utmost respect and dignity to clients. Our Treatment is based on spirituality and 12 Step Recovery Model including 24X7 medically monitored Detoxification.

Substance abuse problems are often coupled with mental health illness. Thus our team consists of counsellors, peer motivators, social workers, psychiatrist, psychologist, general physician and clinical staff, who continuously communicate with the clients and motivate and educate them to sustain recovery for long time, that’s the reason most of our clients are in recovery from long time and contributing towards their family and society.

Our aim is to fight against drug and alcohol abuse and to improve the life of those affected by substance abuse and Mild Psychological Disorders and provide access to cost affective De-addiction and Rehabilitation treatment and increase the feelings of self-esteem in clients as well as spreading the awareness about the menace of addiction.