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Recreational Therapies

Apart from medical and psychological treatment we provide occupational and recreational therapy to our patients as well. In this respect we have made arrangement for various recreational and entertainment based programs. Every winter we organise excursion by visiting some nearby picnic spots, where various cultural programs and mind games are organised being participated by our patients. We have provisions for indoor games including Chess, Carom, Ludo etc. Every Wednesday evening our patients participate in FUN TIME, an hour of music, recitation etc. where the patients take active part, through which they can expose their hidden talents and sharpen. From every Friday night to Sunday evening the patients are allowed to watch T.V., CDs, and Dish TV where various educational and entertaining feature films are shown. Patients are allowed to watch world and international sports events such as Soccer, Cricket and others. Various mind games are frequently conducted by our therapists. Sometimes morning and evening walks are also conducted.

We provide all these entertainment based programme with the aim to build up the mental and spiritual state of our patients and the glimpse of these program have been highlighted in our annual general report too.