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Approved By W.B Health And Family Welfare Under Mental Health Act, ’87

80G(5) VI, of Indian Income Tax (Exemption ) Act, 1961

Regn – S/1L/87621/2011-2012,
Mental Health License No – L/MHA- 74/17
12 AA  (1) (B) (i) of the Income Tax Act 1961

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Prapti Welfare Society

Prapti Welfare Society is a Non-Profit Organization offering Drug and Alcohol Addiction treatment services as well as treatment to the mild psychological issues.  It is more than just a treatment center; we are a community.  In our experience in addiction people tend to be very lonely sometimes.   When they come to recovery it is vital for them to build a community of people to share a connection with.

This sense of community and connection we have created here in Prapti Welfare Society. We help our clients to see recovery as an attractive way of life and motivate them to enjoy life without any kind of Drugs or Alcohol. We believe in ‘Connection instead of Control’, which help individuals to enter long-term meaningful recovery. Sustained recovery is proven to be more likely when patients stay connected to and supported by family and friends.



Affordable De-Addiction Treatment

Our treatment module enables people to counteract addiction’s powerful disruptive effects on the brain and behavior and regain control over their lives.  Here, we follow the 12 steps X 12 traditions based on rehabilitation program recognized by W.H.O which is a successful comprehensive physical, mental and spiritual healing process.  It is consisting of Yoga therapy, therapeutic duty assignments (T.D.A) i.e. self-cleaning, house cleaning, and various kind of activities which helps to enhance the sense of responsibility, honesty and mental and physical ability as well.   


Carefully addressing withdrawal issues

Our treatment program me includes detoxification, motivational interviewing, psycho-therapy, group- therapy, input classes, occupational therapy, family therapy and after-care helping the individuals to sustain their recovery and it is mandatory for the discharged clients to report to their respective counselors at least twice in a week.  So far, we have treated at least two thousand and five hundred (2500) abusers and from among them a pretty number of individuals have been able to get back into the main stream of society.


Medical Supported Detoxification

We,Prapti Welfare Society, a treatment center, consisting of psychiatrists, psychologists, general physicians counselors and therapists, and social worker for the De-addiction Rehabilitation, education and re-integration of the substance abusers into the society (men, children), with men suffering from mild psychological disorder, have been working in this field with success for more than the past four years and our efforts and endeavor have been able to prove, individuals having such problems and vulnerabilities need not be a life sentence and this disease can be arrested. 

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Symptomatic Rehabilitation Treatment



Individual Counseling and Therapy



Group Counselling and Therapy​​


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